Studio79 offers:


* Personalized EMS Training

* Private Infrared Sauna PODs

* Full Body Pressotherapy

* Customized Facial and Body Treatments

* One-On-One Nutrition Coaching

* Comprehensive In-Body Analysis




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1 x EMS Fitness Training
1 x Personal Infrared Sauna
1 x InBody Analyzer
1 x Pressotherapy

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Body Composition Analyzer
INBODY Body Composition Analyzer

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At Spadina & Harbord


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InBody Test

First Session $79

Comprehensive body composition analysis

Nutrition Coaching


* Analysis of your workout nutrition
* Personalized meal recommendations
* Goal setting and measuring tips
* Macronutrient and sample meal plans
* With Pooja Mansukhani, Registered Dietitian


$150 Session

* Initial assessment & Follow-up

$60 Follow-up Session

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