Personal Sauna PODs (Jet & Infrared)

The perfect balance of body & mind

Infrared hyperthermic conditioning for enhanced wellness, relaxation, health & fitness


Jet Pod

Infrared Steam Hydration

Infrared infused steam shower – revitalize the life of your skin.

The Jet POD produces an overwhelmingly relaxing sensory experience and feeling of total well-being.

Infrared heat (IR) with vitamin-infused steam, liquid nutrients & optimal enriched air to create a nourishing rain forest-like atmosphere your skin will love.


Natural Cleansing:
A vigorous 30min aquatic treatment designed to help rid the body of toxins while providing a relaxing, therapeutic experience.

A stimulating aquatic treatment that refreshes and revives: 25min of relaxation, designed to lift your spirits.

Hydration Boost:
Treat your skin and body to a much needed dose of hydration: Let the jets soothe you while the steam & aloe absorb for maximum hydration.

Scandinavian Bath:
Stimulate your senses with a 25min treatment guaranteed to lift and awaken you: warm and cool jets stimulate and soothe the skin and body, while steam encompasses you.

$30 Intro Session
$79 Session
Infrared Sauna Jet POD Toronto

The Jet POD Benefits:

* Weight Loss
* Weight Management
* Cellulite Reduction
* Detoxification
* Pain Relief
* Stress Reduction
* Improve Wellness

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Infrared (IR) Pod

Personalized Hot Sauna

Infrared conditioning for enhanced wellness, relaxation, health & fitness. The IR POD combines both dry heated air and infrared heat in a powerful vortex for wellness, hyperthermic fitness conditioning and enhanced wellness.


Weight Management: $79 session
High heat and vibrations make this treatment idea for assistance in shedding that extra body weight after your workout, or on its own.

Brighten Up: $69 session
Lift your spirits with 30 min of bliss. Allow the treatment to take you somewhere warm and breezy without leaving the city.

Radiance: $69 session
A beautifying treatment to help detoxify the skin and soothe the body all at once.

Intense: $69 session
High vibrations coupled with an invigorating blend of oils and lights make this ideal at stimulating the mind and body pre or post workout.


Infrared (IR) POD Benefits:

* Stimulates collagen & elastin
* Clears, brightens, softens skin
* Reduces fine lines / wrinkles
* Lightens dark spots
* Acne, dry skin, eczeme, psoriasis
* Reduces appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, scars
* Increases micro circulation
* Relieves joint pain / inflammation

$30 Intro Session
Infrared Sauna Jet POD Toronto