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In Europe, Compression Massage or “Pressotherapy” devices as it is known across the pond, have been used for over 2 decades in Beauty, Esthetic and Spa centers for their lymphatic drainage properties.

Pressotherapy is used to remove toxins from the body which has many health and beauty benefits.

$39 Regular Session
$79 Full body

“Beauty” Benefits

Used concurrently with body wraps or as a stand alone Beauty | Spa Treatment, benefits include:

  • Reduce the appearance of cellulite
  • Remove toxins & Metabolic waste
  • Increase blood flow / improve circulation
  • Promotes drainage of the entire lymphatic system
  • Accelerate slimming / inch loss
  • Lessen inflammation / swelling of the legs & feet
  • Promote a natural feeling of relaxation & wellness

“Beauty” Science

“A key contributing factor to CELLULITE is poor venous return to the heart or lymphatic circulation. As the blood stagnates in the limbs it promotes deposits of fat in the tissues.”

Dr. Philippe Blanchemaison-Phlebologiest



Interstitial liquid squeezes the vessels, so blood circulations becomes poor, oxygen flow decreases, cells metabolism slows down, levels of toxins in organs grows up, cellulite appears.

Reduce Cellulite with Compression Massage Pressotherapy Toronto Studio79

Directional Compression Fitness Recovery

For seasoned athletes and fitness enthusiasts looking to boost their recovery, manage repetitive physical stress from training, prevent or nurse injury and improve performance.


Fitness | Physical Therapy Benefits

Compression assists the body’s own pumping action in both the circulatory & lymphatic systems delivering the following benefits:

  • Recover faster between training & after performance
  • Reduce muscle soreness & edema
  • Prevent excess fluid build-up
  • Remove fluid to reduce swelling
  • Increase blood flow & oxygen delivery
  • Simulate tissue repair

Fitness Science

“If you exercise, whether you’re working out in the gym, biking or running, you have some microscopic tears in your muscle, and during the repair process you feel some soreness. There is some water in your muscle cells and, as soon as you’re passive and you stop moving, the volume enlarges and this causes the pain. COMPRESSION MASSAGE works a little bit like  a pump, helping to circulate and remove muscle metabolites, enhancing transport and elimination of the water, reducing the space available for swelling, and improving the lymphatic outflow…”

Dr. Florian Engel | Researcher Heidelberg University


Therapeutic Benefits

More than merely symptom management – a speedier return o normal activity and enjoyable recovery process.

  • Reduce Pain
  • Reduce Swelling
  • Heal Faster
  • Reduce need for narcotic medicine
  • Increase post-operative range of motion

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    Compression is also great for:

    • Air travelers experiencing swollen feet and legs syndrome
    • Jobs that entail a lot of standing: relieve foot pain, decrease swelling, help oxygenate your body.
    • Those suffering from shin splints, calf cramps, swollen legs, pulled muscles.
    • Those suffering from spider veins, relief from minor edema, lymphedema, aching, discomfort during pregnancy and minor varicose veins.