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**All services include 20 Minutes in the Steam Shower

Pure Detox (90 min): $119

Pumice Body Scrub & 30 Min Lymphatic Massage

Super fine-grain pumice powder and purifying seaweed powder are mixed into a blend of oils designed to help rid the body of accumulated toxins, followed by a 30 minute lymphatic massage to aide the body in the purging process. When the Detox is done, unwind for 20 minutes in the steam shower!


Integral Detox (120 min): $145

Pumice Body Scrub, Mud Mask & 30 Min Lymphatic Massage

Includes everything from the Pure Detox, with an added detoxifying Dead Sea mud mask and a 25 minute JetPod session.

Dead Sea Salt Glo (90 min): $119

Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub & 30 Min Relaxation Massage

Extra fine-grain Dead Sea Salts are mixed with a blend of oils formulated to achieve perfectly smooth, silky skin, followed by a soothing 30 minute relaxing massage. Afterwards, enjoy 20 minutes of bliss in the steam shower!


Hydra-Glo (120 min): $145

Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub, Clay Mask, & 30 Min Relaxation Massage

Includes everything from the Dead Sea Salt Glo, with an added Rhassoul & Red Clay mask to increase skin elasticity and prevent against dryness, and a 25 minute JetPod session.

Awakening Retreat (75 min): $99

Dead Sea Salt & Seaweed Scrub & 25 min Hydra-Pod treatment

Extra fine-grain Dead Sea salts and purifying seaweed powder are mixed together with a blend of oils designed to contour and shape, followed by a slimming coffee mask to aide in minimizing the appearance of stubborn cellulite. Once the mask is applied, spend 30 minutes in the InfraredPod to achieve the maximum benefits! Finish it all off with 20 minutes in the steam shower to rinse off and relax.


Body Booster: $15

Add a slimming coffee mask to your Infrared Pod Session to boost the cellulite-burning effects of the sauna!



Studio79 Signature Facial (75 min): $99

Our exclusive customized facial tailored to individual skin types and conditions; includes Deep Exfoliation, Extractions, High-Frequency Treatment, Hydrojelly™ Mask, Cooling Jade Lift and Massage.

Facial Menu (75 min): $79

* Add Jade stone massage and sculpt for $10

** All facials include Cleanse, Exfoliate, Steamer, Extractions, Mask, Serum, Moisturizer and Face Massage


Best for combination skin that may also be damaged or aging. Rosehip and Neroli are used to stimulate and rejuvenate skin cells, while nourishing capillaries. The rich amount of Vitamin C stimulates collagen, improving the skin’s elasticity while at the same time, brightens complexion.

“Hydrate and Renew”

 Best for dry skin, with signs of aging. Nutritionally rich and hydrating with a wide variety of organic extracts to keep the skin heal and rejuvenate. 


 Best for acne prone and/oily skin. Unique extracts, essential oils and minerals used in this facial contain high nutritional values, that heal the skin while maintaining a lightweight feel. Anti-bacterial properties help clean pores and keep them clear from future breakouts.


Best for sensitive skin. This unique facial treatment combines a nutrient-enriched, and moisturizing blend of organic extracts, minerals and essential oils suitable for all skin types. Rosehip is used to promote skin cell renewal, keeping the skin youthful and glowing alongside galbanum and sage to heal and soothe.

Mini Facial (25 min): $45

Any of the customized facials without Extractions or Mask

Back Facial (50 min): $65

Like a facial… but for your back!

Customized for all skin types and concerns. Includes Cleanse, Exfoliate, Steamer, Mask, Moisturizer and Relaxation Massage

Need a deep cleanse? Skip the Mask and focus on Extractions.