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The XBody EMS Training Suit

The XBody EMS Training Suit is comfortable and durable, designed to enhance your workout through electric muscle stimulation.

It features a modular system with separate electrodes and cables for each muscle group.

The XBody training suit contains electrodes for the shoulder area as well, allowing to train even more muscle groups than traditional training suits. The front and back side leg electrodes with the convenient leg straps make leg training twice as effective.


The extra large electrodes cover more surface area resulting in better muscle stimulation.

  • Unique electrodes for the shoulder area for perfect shoulder training
  • Perfect fit for extra dynamic training
  • Flexibility by attaching each electrode individually
  • Extra large electrodes for better electric stimulation and a complete coverage feeling
  • Doesn’t slip – even when jumping or doing plyometrics, the vest and pants stay secure
  • Unisex fit reduces amount of training suit per device and saves costs
  • Customize your suits – different sized vests and pants can be combined
  • Electrodes on the legs are both on the front and back side
  • Leg straps easier to put on