Miguel Cabahug, Head Trainer

Miguel has been a badminton athlete since a young age and gained an interest in fitness during his freshman year of high school. After starting strength training, resistance training and calisthenics, he developed a strong passion for fitness and health. What started off as a means to improve his athletics for badminton turned into a lifelong passion for improving one’s overall health and fitness.

He went on to study at the University of Toronto to get a bachelors in Kinesiology to further his knowledge set and skills within the fitness industry. He studied anatomy, physiology, nutrition and human biomechanics throughout his University years. From having a strong science background and a passion to educate individuals about fitness and health, Miguel received his certification for personal and EMS training following his bachelor’s degree. Currently, Miguel is now aiming towards receiving his registration with the College of Kinesiologists of Ontario to further his knowledge set within the field of kinesiology and human kinetics.

Miguel’s goal is to develop and further his own knowledge within the fitness industry in hopes of educating others and providing the proper guidance they need using everything that he has learned throughout the years. To educate people on accurate information and knowledge with regards to fitness and health, and to pave the way for their own fitness journeys in hopes for them to develop their own drive, passion and motivation for fitness much like he has over the years. Fitness has been a life changer for Miguel, and he wants to help others to develop that same drive and passion to improve their wellbeing, health and their overall livelihood.