Gitana Agnello, Medical Aesthetician

Gitana is our Medical Aesthetician and Lymphatic Specialist. After obtaining her degree in Psychology at the University of Guelph, Gitana worked in the Hospitality Industry, training management and staff at new restaurants. After several years, and very long hours, she decided to make a change and pursue her passion for health and wellness.
Following her Medical Aesthetics Diploma, Gitana pursued specialized training in Lymphatic Treatments and Chronic Pain.
Gitana combines various techniques learned over the years from Neuroplasticity, Psychology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Lymphatic Drainage, Touch Therapy, Massage, Visceral Resets (moving organs), Infrared/LED Therapy, Holistic Skin Therapy and Healing Nutrition to help clients find relief from chronic pain and conditions.
When Gitana is not working, she is spending her time playing with her son, cooking, traveling, and enjoying time with friends and family with great food and wine.


  • Bachelor of Psychology
  • Certified Medical Aesthetician
  • First Aid CPR A/AED