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The science of muscles

There are 2 types of muscle fibers:

1. Slow-twitch (red) muscle fibers
Enable long-endurance activities like long distance running

2. Fast-twitch (white) muscle fibers
Enable short-term strong movements like sprinting


During a regular aerobic workout like running, the slow-twitch fibers are used first, and as you get tired the fast-twitch fibers take over to sustain the activity.

The order is: Slow twitch > Intermediate twitch > Fast twitch

Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) reverses this process, activating the fast twitch muscles first.

The order is: Fast twitch > Intermediate twitch > Slow twitch

The result is more conversion of intermediate fibers to fast-twitch fibers which is difficult to achieve without EMS.


Other EMS benefits include:

1. Strength – by enhancing muscle contractions
2. Recovery – by stimulating blood flow
3. Rehabilitation – by waking up support muscles
4. Motor learning – by providing consistent repetitive stimuli

EMS Training Toronto Studio79
EMS Training Toronto Studio79